Our Buying Process

Munford Jewelry Buyers is committed to providing superior service.  Our primary focus is our client’s best interest.  With this in mind, each assessment we conduct is thorough, fair and accurate.  We are proud of the quality of professionalism we offer and the relationships we have developed.  We look forward to working with you.

1.  Contact Us.  You can call or email us and set up an appointment to come by our Lakeside office. In the case of large estate jewelry and silver collections Munford Jewelry Buyers is more than willing to visit your home or business.

2.  Building The Trust. We understand that the decision to part with treasured pieces of jewelry can be a difficult one. We will listen to the stories associated with your treasures and will offer discrete and respectful assistance. There are no commissions or fees for our evaluations or assessments nor are there minimum piece requirements.

3.  Assessing Your Jewelry. We will examine your treasures with an experienced eye, giving you true monetary value based on history, design and condition.  Should your treasures be of auctionable quality, we are prepared to act as your representative and will send them to the finest auction estate houses (e.g. Christie's, Sotheby's, etc.) thereby maximizing your return.

4.  Our Recommendations.  Once the item has been assessed we will present you with your options, our recommendations and our offer.   In some cases Munford Jewelry Buyers may not be the best option and we will be happy to share our contacts and resources with you to ensure your satisfaction.

5.  The Sale.  You can rest assured that we will offer you the fairest market pricing in the metro Richmond area. In most cases, we can immediately issue a check based on the assed value.  In the event you present a rare item of incredible value we will happily explain your options and offer our assistance in facilitating your wishes.

Contact us today to schedule a no-obligation, private consultation with our experienced staff.